The CSM Don DeVere Memorial Chapter

CSM don devere

  j. Micheal seaman  sergeant-at--arms

​​​In June of 1964 the U.S. Army Special Forces Decade Association was founded at FT Bragg, North Carolina by 68 active duty Special Forces personnel, with approval of appropriate military officials. At the time of inception, the 68 charter members desired membership requirements to be ten years service with Special Forces and full Special Forces qualifications; thus, the most exclusive veterans’ organization within the armed forces came into being.

As the Special Forces Legend grew, so did the Association. The Association gained tax exemption under code Sol and incorporated in the State of North Carolina in 1971. The Decade Club became the Decade Association and then in 1976 the Special Forces Association.

Now, in this new millennium, the Special Forces Association is the only fully recognized veterans’ fraternal organization that has exclusive membership qualifications limited to Special Forces qualified personnel and those soldiers who directly supported the Special Forces mission. The wearing of the Green Beret and Crest while in civilian clothes is authorized by the Department of Defense.

The Chapter LXX (Utah) was granted a charter on June 13, 1995 after founding members Jean-Pierre Schroemges, Bill Essex and Dick Veenendaal submitted a formal request for chapter status. Jim Martin was selected as the first president and since that time Chapter LXX has enjoyed steady growth. The Chapter subsequently was granted permanent status after a two-year provisional period on June 12, 1997.
In 2010 Chapter LXX (Utah), after the death of the legendary warrior Don DeVere, became officially the "The CSM Don DeVere Chapter". Don was a career U.S. Army Special Forces Non-Commissioned Officer, serving in the elite Special Operations Units within the 5th Special Forces Group, Airborne in the Republic of South Vietnam. Don retired as a Command Sergeant Major.

Supported by a loyal core of comrades, activities include traditional Christmas dinner, summer and Fall BBQ/Picnic, spring and Autumn Getaways to Mesquite and Wendover, Nevada respectively. Additionally, regular monthly meetings and other activities are held. The chapter provides an honor contingent for fallen comrades, assistance to comrades in distress and their respective families in need, and is involved in other military functions and observances throughout the year.

"The CSM Don DeVere Chapter" holds to the Special Forces Association principles and ideals - We are the Keepers of the flame, the guardians of tradition, active and retired who will never stack arms. We are dedicated to the principles and ideals of the Special Forces Regiment...We are the Special Forces Association

                                                     DE OPPRESSO LIBER

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